Wendy is fantastic.  She was a supportive, knowledgeable doula throughout our pregnancy and through delivery.  She stayed by my side from when I called right through until I was in my mother-baby room after my emergency c-section.  She rubbed my feet during labor for what felt like hours!  She checked in with me after we arrived home and was available for questions even after that.  Completely worth it — even though my labor didn’t go according to my birthing plan.  I was so happy to have her by my side.
Wendy was our doula for the birth of our daughter in February 2011 and I know it would not have been the same without her. Wendy helped to create the atmosphere that we needed to stay calm. She was a voice of reason even if I didn’t always listen. She did not leave my side for almost 12 hours and gave the emotional support both my husband and I needed. She was an amazing energy source to have during this incredible experience and I am so thankful to have hired her for the birth of our daughter.
I would highly recommend Wendy Mathews as a doula for your birth experience. My labor and delivery turned into a difficult and arduous situation and she was absolutely amazing throughout the entire thing. I really don’t know what we would have done without her. She is caring, compassionate, extremely informed and informative, and beyond helpful. She makes you feel confident when you are in her capable hands.
Whenever I am asked about Wendy, the first thing I say is, “I will never have another baby without her!” She was amazing. Hands down, everything I needed and more. The moment she arrived during my labor, through the time I begged her to go home already from the hospital (after my post-delivery surgical sew-up), she was just right. She was the massage therapist, the mother, the soft-kind voice, and the firm-do-your-thing-mama-don’t-listen-to-what-they-say voice; the photographer, the placenta-pill maker, the placenta pill reminder to taker ;); she was EVERYTHING and MORE than I ever expected. I’m writing this review and my son is 9 months old. Can you see how passionately I recommend Wendy? I won’t have another baby without her. Kelly
My entire birth experience with Wendy was amazing! She taught me certain exercises and techniques that made it very easy to maintain focus on the blessing of being pregnant without the fears. She showed me how to take the pressure of labor off my spin. The yoga poses and birthing ball techniques were also so helpful. Wendy was very helpful to my entire pregnancy. The only regret I feel is that I was unable to deliver vaginally. Until then Wendy made me very comfortable and very relaxed. I also would like to add that what ever the next step was that my body made, Wendy was very knowledgeable about everything. She was very good to have around, also in some sense I feel that she prepared me for my c-section as well.
Wendy has been my doula for both of my births. She was there for me through my pregnancy giving sound advice, encouraging me through the labor, walking with me (at all hours of the night), and was a huge help at the birth centers to make sure that we followed my birth plan as much as possible. Both births were amazing and there is no way that I could have had the confidence to do a natural birth with out her!
I had another baby with Wendy!!! Let me tell you how she was the one who helped me deliver my baby because the midwife arrived 5 minutes after the baby was born!!! If it wasn’t for Wendy, I honestly don’t know what I would have done. I progressed so quickly… When I called her I didn’t really think that I was in labor (but I did–but I didn’t) because I had been in prodromal labor for weeks and had called my midwife to my house twice before. I told everyone that I wasn’t going to tell anyone I was in labor until I knew for sure. Wendy was kind enough to “come and hang out” just to make me feel better about having someone with me. Well… thankfully she came because my labor really started to get hard when she arrived (only 30 minutes after I called her and told her I wasn’t in labor – but I wasn’t sure – and yes, I wanted her to come because I was nervous about how fast it would be IF…) She was there with me for a half hour before calling my husband home; another half hour before he arrived home and I started pushing… 15 minutes later, Ava was born into my arms. Wendy stopped me from pulling her right up onto my chest because I couldn’t see that the cord was wrapped around Ava’s neck. She quickly and gently removed the cord, then guided Ava up to my chest and covered us with a towel. My homebirth midwife and assistant both arrived about 5 minutes later. It was an amazing experience, and I absolutely couldn’t have done it without Wendy. I said it before, and I’ll say it again… I won’t have another baby without Wendy! Like, for real – if I had to choose between my husband or my mom and Wendy being with me during delivery – don’t make me say it…Kelly
I was just reading a pamphlet called “Unbound Birth”, it stated “The American Pregnancy Association writes, “Other studies have shown that having a doula as part of the birth team decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%, the length of labor by 25%, the use of oxytocin by 40% and the request for an epidural by 60%.””
So glad we had you at our birth 17 months ago! Wish you could come to California (where we live now) when we decide to have #2!Lori